Poděbrady Castle, where the classes take place, is situated in the main square, which is called in honor of George of Poděbrady. You can look at it through a webcam.


This is the central part of the town, everything is here. All the shops are a five-minute walk from the square. Even in the square there are several cafes, restaurants, a chemist’s (where you can buy beauty products and toiletries), a bakery and many others. A big supermarket is situated a hundred meters to the north of the square. There is even a shop of a famous Czech brand Koh-i-noor Hardmuth, one of the world leaders in the production of first-rate stationery, with a wide range of products on offer (a red sign):


Apparently, the highest buildings and wealthy houses were built here:


It’s a town of two or three-storied houses. There are no typical soviet buildings (except our dormitories and a couple of sanatoriums). The main tourist attraction is the monument to the King of Bohemia George of Poděbrady from grateful descendants:


The monument is very beautiful and of the highest quality. The citizens of Poděbrady are very proud of their king.

The square and the buildings are certainly very old since for 200 years the area has not changed much. This is the picture of the 18th century:


UPD 27.12.2009 Christmas view of the square: